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Community Services Block Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSBG?


CSBG is the acronym for Community Services Block Grant, a federally funded program that targets individuals and families living in poverty. The program provides an array of services and activities designed to assist eligible clients improve their lives by becoming self-sufficient.

Who provides the services?


There are 18 entities; Community Action Agencies and/or Human Resource Agencies throughout the state that administers the CSBG program to eligible clients in all 82 counties. The agencies use a case management plan approach as mandated by the state.

What are the eligibility guidelines?


The CSBG Program is available for individuals and families making up to 125% of the federal poverty guidelines or about $27,563 a year for a family of four.

What are the types of services CSBG offers?


CSBG funds can be expended for a broad range of services; which may include; employment and job skills training, income management, health and safety issues, affordable housing and homeownership, assistance to homeless and at-risk@ families and individuals, emergency services (such as, temporary shelter, hunger, medical assistance, clothing, conflict resolution, etc.), youth development programs geared to prevention of youth problems and crime, domestic violence counseling and emergency assistance, food and nutrition assistance and referrals to other organizations based on client needs. The agencies, through the Case Management approach, assess clients’= needs and determine resources available to them.

How can I find the Community Action Agency in my county?


Please call the Mississippi Department of Human Services at 1-800-421-0762.


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